I help small business owners SMASH their limiting beliefs so they can become limitless and do whatever they want to do.

The Transformational Leadership and Getting Unstuck Expert

Delivers a new generation of talented and diverse transformational leaders to flood the workforce, build impact businesses, and solve world problems because moving the needle on equality isn’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it.


When we surround ourselves with supportive and non-judgmental people, we can begin to say

YES to ourselves.


I work with women who feel trapped by oppressive culture who want to be limitless, confident, and free so that they can make bigger choices and say “Yes” to themselves without having to live for their ancestors.


• Live a life without regrets.

• You will want to actively change your circle of friends, colleagues, and community to positively minded.

• Find power people and up-level your environment.

• I promise you will never look the same at your peers and your surroundings again.

• How to assemble an amazing team.

“Irene, you are a phenomenal court reporter business woman, and coach. You have the uncanny ability to make those who come in contact with you to feel empowered and inspired to be the best version of themselves.”

I don’t know how you do it, but you have a way — a gift of making others feel so comfortable and confident to interact with you. You are able to perceive the best in others and challenge them to rise to the occasion by elevating their thinking until they grow and become better and see what you have seen in them all along. Again that is truly a gift.

- Kimberly Folds

Court Reporter


Irene Nakamura

For ambitious people who feel held back, stuck, and limited in choice who need to step up and into a life beyond their wildest expectations, Irene Nakamura is the Transformational Leadership Coach and Getting Unstuck Expert that delivers 1:1 mentorship, life tools, and gifted guidance to tap into the power of self-belief, determination, and fearlessness to illuminate a clear path towards happiness and fulfillment because life is too short to live it for your ancestors.

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If anyone's speech is going to change the world, Irene's is.

- Gill Moakes

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